365 things to do in wagga #79 - make a short film... about bubbles

365 things to do in Wagga #79 – Make a short film…about bubbles

Bubbles. That’s what this year’s Wagga Waggafest Short Film Competition is all about… well, the theme anyway.

Wagga Waggafest is an opportunity for you to share your story using film or animation as a medium, whilst demonstrating a strong connection to the area. And of course, the bubble theme needs to incorporated somehow.

Now you might be struggling to make the connection on what ‘bubbles’ has to do with anything. I will admit it took me a moment or so before the realisation sunk in.

As you have probably noticed, bubbles are a prominent feature in the Wagga Wagga city branding….hence the bubble theme. Bubbles are “an extension of the brand, and are used as a visual signature to capture the idea of a hundred little things.” What better theme is there to share all the different stories of people within the area?

So, now that that has been cleared up, you’re probably wracking your brain on how you can incorporate bubbles into your Wagga story. Fear not, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

There is of course the obvious, a small globule of gas in a thin liquid envelope… aka a bubble. Thought bubbles, bubbling water, plastic bubble wrap, bubbly people, bubble gum, real estate/housing bubble, Bubbles from Finding Nemo…the list goes on. Open to interpretation, bubbles can mean just about anything, so all you need to do is get your creative juices flowing.

There is of course video group forums, with people readily available to offer advice.

With entries open until midnight on Friday August 10, 2012, there are five categories available: ‘under 18 years’, ’18 – 24’, ‘open’, ‘animation’, and ‘people’s choice’, plus a total of $5,000 up for grabs in prize money.

A screening night will be held in September where all winners will be announced.

So get your thinking caps on and visit the official Wagga Waggafest website for details on how to enter.

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